Ham radio logging program by WA0H

U.S. and Canadian callbooks are built into the CD version of the program .. but not the free website version.

Buy MicroLog or one of the world-wide callbooks.

Download the free website version of MicroLog.

View sections of my math book.

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MicroLog does not have the power of a contest or dx logging program but it does basic logging and is easy to use.

The CD version of MicroLog costs $10.
Version .. June 9, 2022

Radio Amateur Callbook CD
My new math book
My (learn-to-program) book
Buckmaster HamCall DVD

With the Radio Amateur Callbook CD, or the Buckmaster HamCall DVD, installed on your computer, MicroLog will be able to extract name/location data for any ham in the world.

The Radio Amateur Callbook CD, or the Buckmaster HamCall DVD, costs $40.

You can order my new ($10) math book (Calm Down! It's Only Math), or my new ($10) learn-to-program book (Calm Down! Learn To Program), from Amazon by clicking the link above the picture or by searching Amazon for my call .. WA0H.

The (free) website version of MicroLog .. can be downloaded from this website.   The free website version does not have the U.S. and Canadian callbooks built into the program, nor does it allow access to commercial callsign databases, such as the Radio Amateur Callbook database or the Buckmaster HamCall database.

The CD version of MicroLog .. does have recent U.S. and Canadian callbooks built into the program .. and does allow access to commercial callsign databases.

The Radio Amateur Callbook CD, or the Buckmaster HamCall DVD .. will allow MicroLog to log the name and location of hams who live outside the U.S. and Canada.   These databases contain information about hams throughout the world.

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MicroLog will run under Windows-XP, Vista, Windows-7, Windows-8, and Windows-10.

My new math book .. After 55 years of computer programming I took a break and wrote a math book called (Calm Down! It's Only Math).   The book shows how you can solve many types of math problems by doing a simple internet search.   It is a way to (Learn Math Without Having to Learn Math).

My new learn-to-program book .. I wrote the (Calm Down! Learn To Program) book for people who want to learn how to write their own computer programs. The book shows how to write computer programs that will run on a desktop or laptop computer that is running the Windows operating system.

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The CD version of MicroLog $10
The Radio Amateur Callbook CD $40
The Buckmaster HamCall DVD $40
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